Explore Gâtine Poitevine

Located in the heart of the department of Deux-Sèvres, less than an hour away from famous tourist sites (Futuroscope, Puy du Fou, Marais Poitevin...) Gâtine offers an ideal geographical location.

carte touristique pays gatine

This region, where we take the time to experience and appreciate what surrounds us, has a preserved landscape and architectural heritage. At the bend of a path, let yourself be surprised by a medieval village, a mysterious river, a mythical centaur, a fording, a panorama shaped by the hedgerows... All elements that come together to create the identity of Gâtine. Everything here is conducive to a change of scenery, relaxation, discovery, letting go.

Punctuated with "Remarkable heritage sites", such as the "Country of Art and History" of Parthenay-Gâtine or the "Small Cities of Character" of Airvault and Saint-Loup-Lamairé and "Historical Monuments" including the collegiate of Saint-Marc-la-Lande, the Renaissance castle of Coulonges-sur-l'Autize or the Romanesque bridge of Gourgé..., Gâtine is lined with architectural and historical treasures that have just as much to offer as the larger ones. You will undoubtedly be seduced!

barrière de gatine

The Gâtine landscapes offer a rich diversity of flora and fauna. “Sensitive natural spaces",

"Natura 2000 sites" or "Regional nature reserves" preserve this ecosystem and are places for observation and raising awareness of the environment that are essential to the region.

The hand of man has created this landscape and its history over the centuries. It is a land that lives, a land of sharing that benefits from an intense cultural programme. There is something for all ages and all tastes. Nobody can remain indifferent to this invitation to the party and the conviviality.

Stroll through the alleys and narrow streets of the "Remarkable Gardens" or "Green Stations", let yourself be charmed by the atmosphere that emanates from these places in particular and Gâtine in general! The perfect place for holidays with family or friends, this territory allows you to relax in the fresh air, to enjoy sport, playful and cultural activities... Create memories in Gâtine!

Gâtine in a few figures:



groupings of communes

66 173


Country of art and history

2 Small Towns of Character

Sensitive Natural Areas

Regional Nature Reserve

Remarkable Gardens

A Regional nature park for Gâtine ?

Gâtine is a rural territory, a farming region, with a strong geographical and cultural identity. It represents a coherent space remarkable for its diversified natural environments, still preserved but fragile. The elected representatives of the territory and the local players have an ambition: to favour the economic development and the attractiveness of the region while preserving living conditions. This is where the idea of making this region a Regional nature park came from. Behind this project there is the will to give national recognition to this region, to allow everyone to stay and live well and fight the fragilities of the area by affirming and developing its assets.

Gâtine poitevine meets all the conditions required for the creation of a Regional nature park, Pôle d’équilibre territorial et rural (PETR) of the Pays de Gâtine and its partners have expressed their interest in obtaining this ranking. This desire was heard by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, which formalised the launch of this idea by signing with Pays de Gâtine in 2017 a partnership agreement for the constitution of the opportunity file, the first step in the ranking procedure. The objective is to obtain the opinion of opportunity, which is delivered by the Prefect of Region, in 2019.Then comes the time of writing the Charter. The Park Charter is valid for 15 years. It is a project for the area, co-written by the Region, the project leader (PETR of Pays de Gâtine) and its partners.