Etang de Bois Pouvreau

Located near Ménigoute, the 27-acre Bois Pouvreau pond remains one of the most beautiful ponds in the Gâtine region. Blocked fields of granite, banks of water lilies, century-old oaks and holly outdo each other's beauty as they neighbor the ruins of an ancient fortress. Fishing turns into a pretext for a privileged moment in nature, and since a day's take often justifies high hopes, the place will delight the fisherman and his family. Mini-golf, fishing, playground and picnic areas, campgrounds, restaurant. Different fishing permits exist: a yearly card, a seasonal card, a daily card, a works council card. Fish species include white fish, meat-eating fish and large cyprinus carps. Pour bien vous recevoir : Ouvert uniquement pour la pêche et la promenade en respectant les gestes barrières

Means of payment

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